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Lay Flat Poly Bag Product Selection Guide



Lay Flat Poly Pag Dimensions Lay Flat Poly Bag Dimensions
For each lay flat poly bag there are three dimensions. The first measurement is the width across the opening of the bag. The length runs from the bag's opening to the base of the bag. Gauge, the third figure in the bag's dimensions, is a measure of its thickness in MILs. In this catalog you will find the MIL thickness listed above the dimension columns.

Choosing the proper MIL thickness:

1 MIL Thickness

  • Economical and reusable
  • Lightweight protection from dust, dirt, and moisture

  • Most commonly used for temporary storage

  • Great for any items that are lightweight and have no sharp edges, such as shirts, T-shirts, breads, pillows, etc.


1.5 MIL Thickness

  • Economical and reusable
  • Light to medium protection from dirt, dust, moisture, oils, etc.

  • Most commonly used for packaging light industrial parts, papers, clothing, and food

  • Use as a carton liner to protect contents

  • Ideal for items like catalogs, brochures, magazines, sweatshirts, candy, etc.


2 MIL Thickness

  • Most commonly used thickness for packaging, displaying, storing and protecting food, crafts, clothing, and various industrial parts

  • Use as a carton liner to protect products inside

  • Great for items that need to be protected from moisture and dirt, but also need the durability for shipping, such as dolls, jackets, books, rivets, fuses, washers, etc.


3 MIL Thickness

  • Heavy-weight protection for storing and shipping items that are abrasive or have rough edges, such as heavy industrial parts and hardware

  • Great for items such as nuts and bolts, hinges, handles, wire, cables, etc.


4 MIL Thickness

  • Extra heavy-weight protection for shipping bulky items that may be abrasive and have sharp edges, such as tools and heavier industrial parts

  • Great for items such as wrenches, pliers, locks, grinding wheels, drills, etc.


6 MIL Thickness

  • Super heavy-weight protection that will eliminate punctures, tears, and broken bags

  • Meet the heaviest needs for industrial parts and items with sharp, protruding edges

  • Recommended for chains, nails, heavy bolts, sharp tools, etc.