Gusseted Poly Bag Product Selection Guide

Gusseted Poly Pag Dimensions


  • Fitted bottom and expandable sides make these bags ideal for lining boxes and packaging products in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Recommended for bulky or irregular shaped items
  • Meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact
  • Available in 1 to 3 MIL thicknesses and many sizes to meet a wide range of packaging needs (see below)
  • Can be taped, stapled, tied or, heat sealed for closure
  • Click here to see how to line a carton with a Gusseted Poly Bag

Choosing the proper MIL thickness:

1 MIL Thickness
Perfect for economical packaging and temporary storage of lightweight products and protection from dust and moisture. Can be used for items such as baked goods, light clothing, office supplies, etc.

1.5 MIL Thickness
Most commonly used for displaying, storing or shipping items such as jewelry, manuals, magazines, candy, gifts, baskets, etc.

2 MIL Thickness
Most popular MIL thickness for storing and shipping common items such as crafts, clothing, books, office equipment, industrial parts, household products, etc.

3 MIL Thickness
This thickness is capable of supporting and protecting heavy and abrasive items such as electrical supplies, hardware, metal parts and fasteners, plumbing supplies, etc.